Smartphone Photography: An Ultimate Guide for Parents

Parents love smartphones, because they are always within an arm reach to catch that precious baby smile, but you feel like you need to change something to catch that smile beautifully.

How to take better photos of babies at home or outside?

Today, with the latest high-end smartphones that have superior specs of professional cameras, you can improve the quality of your photos by following some simple smartphone photography tips, adding a bit of creativity, and using different apps.

1. Try different baby photo ideas: Too many baby-centered photos are boring. Smartphones are ideal for day-to-day lifestyle shots and family photographs on-the-go. Try the rule of thirds technique and position your kid slightly to the left or to the right of the image. This will allow to capture small details that will tell more about your baby’s life.

2. Take close-up pictures: Close-up pictures can be beautiful. Try photographing those adorable tiny feet, cute cheeks, the back of the head, or sleeping eyelashes of your baby.

3. Forget about digital zoom: Digital zoom lowers the quality of an image. Try moving closer or just crop the image later: with an 8-mega-pixels resolution, you can crop substantially and still have a high-quality photo.

4. Find natural light and avoid the flash: Natural light makes images sharper and beautifully lit. If you cannot do it outdoors, place your child near a window and position yourself between them. Remember, almost any light is preferable than the flash of a smartphone. Flash may make the image both blurry and terribly lit. Besides, many young children hate camera flash.

Smartphone Photography: An Ultimate Guide for Parents -

5. Keep still: Try to keep your smartphone as still as possible, especially if you are in a room with low light. When you just can’t keep still, use tripods and monopods.

6. Don’t say “cheese”: Try to get a natural smile of your baby by doing something funny – making a funny noise, tossing a toy, etc. Look for opportunities to photograph the baby unaware. Shots that capture your child at play are often the most natural ones.

7. Quantity begets quality: If your phone has a mode that allows snapping several photos in a row, take advantage! There are different apps that will equip your smartphone with burst mode, so you can take a super-speedy series of photos of your baby on the move.

8. Make the baby comfortable: Babies are more likely to act cute, if they feel comfortable. Choose a time your baby is in a good mood such as after a feeding or a nap. Make the room neither too warm, nor too cold. Put your baby on a soft rug or cuddly blanket. Stop when the baby gets tired.

9. Stoop to their level and show your face. Bend down to the baby to have better positioning and an eye contact. Avoid holding the camera directly over your face, because your baby will most likely react to you and your face than to your smartphone.

Baby smartphone photography

10. Safety rules: If your baby cannot sit unassisted, don’t put him in a pose that’s not supported; never leave your child in the bath unsupervised; be sure that the lamps you are using for photographing won’t topple accidentally.

You look at those adorable photographs on different baby blogs and think of thousands baby photos and videos stored in your clouds and external drives. Snapshots are easy and quick to catch, but hardly anyone will ever go through all of them and only a few dozen are worthy sharing with others.

Take a different strategy. Allocate one day for a baby photography session and turn it into a family fun activity. Together with your family members, choose your favorite photos and enhance them with photo-editing apps. Add texts and stickers with the Baby Moments app and share with your friends and relatives.

Smartphone Photography: An Ultimate Guide for Parents

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