Newborns and Fathers. How to Catch that Precious Bonding Moment

The baby is born, and we cheer the mother. After months of pregnancy, hours of labor and delivery, mothers deserve to be the stars. We praise and cherish the maternal bond between a mother and her child. The bonding of newborns and fathers is often left unnoticed, while those precious moments deserve to be nurtured too. From encouragers and supporters in the last nine months, our husbands have become dads who are proud, scared and emotional, and who look for opportunities to form attachment relationships with their babies. Take your camera and try to catch those bonding moments that can be absolutely sensitive, tender and caring. Here are some tips for making cute baby with father images.

1. While breastfeeding provides plenty of time for mother-infant bonding, fathers can experience the same feeling when bottle feeding their babies. Ask him to keep her close: a newborn can only see about 8 to 12 inches away- just far enough to see dad’s face when he’s feeding her.

Newborns and Fathers. How to Catch that Precious Bonding Moment
2. When your baby starts solids, feeding her can be both messy and fun. It usually takes quite a while for a baby to finish his meal, which gives enough time to take funny baby daddy pictures.

First food with father-
3. Caring for a baby is not always about fun or feeding. Sometimes it’s also about doing the stinky work. Who said dads can’t handle it?

Cute baby moments with father-
4. Yes, he can definitely be the funny guy. Ask him to start with silly faces that make the little ones show off his cute smiles. When your baby becomes older, the peekaboo game will have a great success.
Newborns and Fathers. How to Catch that Precious Bonding Moment -

5. If making silly faces seems not working, keep trying. It still can make a great shot.

Newborns and fathers photography -

6. Explore some mom, dad and baby photo ideas. Soon you will have hundreds of family photos, but keep at least one where the father holds the baby. Let the father and the baby be the stars, show your support for their bonding.
Happy family-

7. Sleeping babies are adorable. Have you noticed how peacefully they sleep in their dad’s arms or chest? Co-sleeping with dad can be the secret to babies’ blissful sleep. Catch that moment.
Co-sleeping with Dad-

8. Even if your baby and his dad don’t look much alike, you feel a strong underlying resemblance. No doubt they share much in common, but above all they share your love.
father and newborn-
If we have convinced you to make a dad and a baby photography session, have a look at our Ultimate Guide for Smartphone Photography. If you have already caught those adorable bonding moments of your loved ones, make them even cuter with BabyMoments stickers and share those with us on Instagram by using hashtag #DadBabyMoments . We will find and feature the best edits on our social channels.

Newborns and Fathers. How to Catch that Precious Bonding Moment - BabyMoments

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