How To Make All Natural Baby Oil

Have you ever wonder that you can make all-natural baby oil for your precious little one? This sounds so much fun, isn’t it? Why make a DIY baby oil? Well, first of all, you know what you put inside, it is a chemical free and natural oil for baby’s skin, containing all the best that nature can give for your baby. Traditional baby oil is made from petroleum products, these mineral oils do not penetrate the skin but from a greasy coating on the surface. Use nourishing plant oils instead for your little angel. In order to make all natural baby oil, you’ll need 3 simple ingredients that are easy to find. These are jojoba oil, organic apricot kernel oil, and organic macerated calendula oil.

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Jojoba oil which actually is a liquid wax with oily consistency is a great compound for any baby skin care routine. It origins from Mexico and has been used by Native Americans for many years due to its healing properties. They used it to treat sores, cuts, bruises etc. Jojoba oil is high in vitamins and antioxidants like A, B1, B2, B6, and E, as well as Myristic Acid which has anti-inflammatory properties. Jojoba oil is also considered as a best natural oil for baby massage.

Apricot kernel oil is one of the few natural oils suitable for babies because of its fine gentle nature. It is high in vitamin A and E. Apricot kernel oil is easily absorbed by the skin without leaving any oily feeling on the surface. It is content helps the baby’s skin to remain soft and smooth at the same time reducing inflammation if any.

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Macerated calendula oil is famous for its healing and anti-inflammatory properties. You might have noticed that almost every baby product contains Calendula, especially baby balms. No wonder why. it is extremely helpful in relieving diaper rashes, dermatitis, eczema and other baby skin issues that may occur. In order to make macerated calendula oil at home, you will need dried calendula (marigold) flowers, a carrier oil of your choice like apricot kernel or sweet almond oil and clean airtight container. When you have all the needed ingredients prepared, fill the container with dried and chopped calendula flowers, add the carrier oil over the plants. Make sure you fully covered calendula flowers by the oil. Close the container and place it in a warm sunny place for three weeks. Replace the plants with the new ones every week. And Voilà you have your own homemade macerated calendula oil!

  • 30ml organic jojoba oil
  • 30 ml organic apricot oil
  • 40 ml organic macerated calendula oil
  • a glass bottle

How to make

  • Blend all the oils together
  • Store in a glass bottle away from moisture

How to use

Use on sore or dry baby skin as you would baby oil.

If you want to add some calming and relaxing properties to this all-natural baby oil, you may add some drops of organic lavender essential oil if your baby is 3+ months old. Just make sure it does not exceed 2% of the recipe or 1-2 drops of essential oil per 30 ml of carrier oil Lavender essential oil is one of the few safest essential oils for babies and children.

Have you ever made a DIY baby oil? Do you know any other recipes of natural baby oil?

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