How to stay fit during pregnancy

Being active and exercising regularly not only helps you to stay fit during pregnancy, it also prepares your body for the big labor day. However, it is crucial to choose the right form of pregnancy exercise routine as your pregnant body can react differently to the way you exercise.

Before starting to exercise, always consult a healthcare professional, so you are on a safe side and your conscious is clear that your preggo fitness routine will not harm your precious baby.

There are many safe ways to stay fit during pregnancy, such as prenatal yoga, aqua aerobics for pregnant women, swimming, pilates or just brisk walking.

Which exercises are the best during pregnancy?


 If you want to stay fit during pregnancy, brisk walking will keep you fit for sure. Brisk walking is safe during pregnancy. It can easily be incorporated into your daily pregnancy routine. Plan to walk for at least 30 minutes a day. Also try to walk instead of driving, if the distance is walkable, and use steps instead of the elevator.


When it comes to ideal type of exercise during pregnancy, swimming is the winner. Swimming not only exercises your legs and arms, it also keeps all your body muscles toned. Not to mention that water makes you feel light and weightless, which is a heaven for your back while your belly gets bigger week by week. Check out with your local swimming pool if they suggest prenatal aqua aerobics. By attending aquanatal classes, you’ll not only expend your social circle, including other pregnant women, but also prevent your legs from swelling and help to ease back pain.


You have probably heard about importance of breathing during labor. By building yoga into your pregnancy routine, you’ll keep your mind and body relaxed, your muscles flexible and toned, your posture improved. In addition you’ll be able to take control over your breathing technic. Every pregnant woman needs that, doesn’t she? Just don’t forget about some cardio workout too, like brisk walking a few times a week.


Pilates is one of the best options to keep you fit during pregnancy as it helps to keep a focus on deep core muscles. The good thing about pilates is that you can practice it during any trimester. When you practice pilates regularly, it helps to strengthen your abdominal muscles and reduces the risk of muscle separation while your bump gets bigger. By practicing pilates during pregnancy, you will also maintain your balance and improve posture.

Pelvic floor exercises

Last, but definitely not least, keep your pelvic floor exercised as much as you can! The best way to keep your pelvic muscles stronger is through practicing kegels. If you haven’t practiced kegel exercises before, it’s the best time to start. You can practice kegels anytime, anyplace without anyone even noticing. So what is that mysterious type of exercise? Well, all you need to do is to find the muscles you use to stop urinating and squeeze them. Just make sure not to exercise kegels while urinating, as you can hurt your bladder. Follow these simple steps by WebMd to make sure kegel exercises are done correctly.

Caution: Before starting practicing any of suggested exercises above, you should always discuss it with your healthcare specialist whether it’s midwife or ob-gyn!

It is important to listen to your body! If any of physical activity makes you uncomfortable, you should definitely stop it. In case you attend any group classes, always make sure your instructor is qualified, is aware of your pregnancy and other health conditions worth mentioning!

Have you thought of staying fit during pregnancy? Do you exercise on a regular basis? What’s your favorite fitness routine during pregnancy?

how to stay fit during pregnancy


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