How to: Make Talc Free Baby Powder With 3 Simple Ingredients

Have you ever thought that baby powder containing talc can be dangerous for your baby and considered using talc free baby powder alternatives instead?

Well, there has long been a debate whether it is safe to use baby powder containing talc or not. It has not yet been clinically proven that using baby powder containing talc leads to cancer. However, it is a well known fact that talc contains asbestos in its natural form. On the other hand, asbestos is a proven carcinogen and is banned in the EU. Therefore, to keep yourself and your baby on the safe side, it’s wiser to use talc free baby powder.

Is there an alternative to Talc powder?

There is the plant-based organic version and it is the one that you can make at home with the following 3 simple baby safe and toxic-free ingredients: arrowroot powder, organic orris-root powder and powdered lavender flowers.

Arrowroot powder is gluten free which makes it an excellent ingredient to avoid any allergies associated with gluten and is totally baby safe. You can also apply arrowroot powder directly to your baby’s gums to soothe and relieve from the pain. The good thing about arrowroot is that besides using it in your DIY baby powder, you can also use it as a thickener in food when making sauces, porridge, etc.

Orris root powder has been used for centuries and was highly priced in perfume industry because of its smell. Orris root develops an amazing violet like scent when becomes dry. The longer you store orris root the stronger it will smell. Usually, it reaches the peak scent in 3 years.

Lavender is considered to be skin-soothing herb and will give great smell to this DIY baby powder, not to mention that you can use the remaining dried lavender buds to make sachets!

How to make talc free baby powder?

• 50g organic arrowroot powder
• 30g organic orris-root powder
• 20g powdered lavender flowers

How to make:
• Mix the arrowroot and orris-root powders together
• Powder the lavender buds in a coffee grinder (make sure it’s clean and rubbed with some alcohol), and sieve it so it’s super fine
• Blend all powders together
• Store in a powder-shaker

How to use: Apply the same way as talc.

Note:  This powder is not suitable for very dry cracked skin. The shelf life of this baby product is 3 months.

Are you excited to make your first talc free baby powder? Any other talc free alternatives?

How to Make Talc Free Baby Powder With 3 Simple Ingredients -

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