How To Make Safe and Eco-friendly DIY Baby Wipes?

Why to make your own organic DIY baby wipes? Well, first of all it will save you a ton of money. Secondly, you can make sure you wipe your baby with baby-friendly and non-toxic ingredients.

Skin of any baby and child is much more sensitive than ours and it is not recommended to include any synthetic and unknown compounds in baby skin care routine. Therefore, it’s wisest to make your own 100% natural baby care versions instead. Not to mention that your baby doesn’t even need any cleansing, because you can clean newborn babies with warm water only. Babies do not get dirty (excluding their bottom end). On the other hand, baby skin is super sensitive to cleansing agents, even the natural ones. Natural skin scrubs are a bit harsh for their velvet skin and soap is a bit drying.

Why not to buy baby wipes?

Well, because by making baby wipes at home you can definitely save a ton of money, your baby’s skin and the nature at the same time. Have you ever read ingredients of an average baby wipe label? There are many synthetic and even dangerous ingredients included in most of mass-market baby products you can find over the counter at any supermarket.

Therefore, to stay on budget, to be baby and eco-friendly here is one simple recipe we recommend for making wonderful DIY baby wipes. All you need is vegetable glycerin, organic chamomile water, some flannel fabric and sewing. Once your flannels are ready, you may re-purpose them thus bringing less damage to Mother Nature.

Chamomile water is famous for its healing benefits and has been used for centuries. Chamomile’s soothing, anti-inflammation and anti-bacterial properties make it ideal compound for baby skin care products. Glycerin can be used for very sensitive skin and helps to keep the skin moist. It is considered to be mild and baby safe ingredient. Moreover, glycerin is an excellent substitute for infants who are allergic to certain ingredients in baby products.

Below you’ll find an organic version of baby wipes that are so ubiquitous in baby care:



• 50 ml organic chamomile water
• 50 ml plant glycerin
• used baby wipe container
• thin organic clothes / flannels

Before starting to mix all the ingredients together, firstly you’ll have to sew the edges of your flannel clothes. Check out this tutorial to find out more details on how to make one ply flannel clothes for DIY baby wipes

How to make:

• Mix organic chamomile water and plant glycerin together well.
• Pour into a bottle and really shake up.
• Fold up five or so thin organic clothes or flannels.
• Pour the mixture onto the clothes so that each cloth is moist .
• Store the clothes in a lidded tub or used container.

Note: The liquid will keep for up to two months, but the moist clothes may need to be remade every week.

How to use:

Wipe grubby hands, faces and bottoms as necessary – no need to rinse.

Before using this product, please remember that delicate baby skin can react to even the most benign natural ingredients. Always try out a small bit of hand-made potion to check for any problems. Because the immune system of any baby is not fully developed, it’s recommended to make-up these not preserved products in small amounts.

Have you ever read ingredients of commercial baby wipes? Are they safe? Try this recipe and share your experience below.

How To Make Safe and Eco-friendly DIY Baby Wipes

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