DIY crochet snail

We all want the best for our kids. We want them to be happy, so that they do the right things, and be successful, we want the best clothes, the most eminent doctors, and educators. The same applies to the choice of toys. When choosing a toy for a child, it is important to consider not only an attractive appearance but also a possible psychological effect, its importance for the development of the baby.

DIY crochet snail: what is it?

DIY crochet snail is a crocheted or knitted strip that you are rolling with your kid into a spiral or so-called snail while singing songs, nursery rhymes. It can become one of your child’s favorite activities. Simple in making both for skilled crochet lovers and beginners, it will cost you nothing and take a minimum of your time. It will help to build fine motor skills of your child, the coordination of small muscles usually involving the synchronization of hands and fingers—with the eyes. Fine motor skills aid in the growth of intelligence. As well as to develop his speech and language skills, and to teach him colors. It is suitable for kids aged 2-6 years old.

What do we need:

  • A few partial colorful skeins of yarn leftover (choose bright colors, to attract you child attention). If you want to teach your child to distinguish colors take three primary colors for start: blue, red and yellow.
  • Hook or knitting needles (whatever you choose, I took a hook) of appropriate size·
  • Scissorsskeins

Getting started:

  • DIY crochet snail is crocheted using only chain stitches and single crochet stitch. I started with 8 chain stitches.

The number of stitches may vary depending on your yarn and hook sizes. The bigger the size of your hook or yarn the bigger your DIY crochet snail is.

getting started

  • Continue your work with single crochet stitches.
  • Change color when you work is about 7-10 cm long or when you deem that it is necessary.

joining the color

  • Finish your work when you like the length of your DIY crochet snail.
  • Cut thread, and hide the tail into stitches.

finished work


Give DIY crochet snail to your child and show how to roll it. While rolling the snail  teach her colors, sing child songs or nursery rhymes, for example:

One snail, two snails by Mary Gilmore

One snail, two snails

Had a little talk.

One snail, two snails

Went a little walk.

They came to a garden

And climbed up a tree

Where a jolly old Kookaburra

Gobbled up the three.

Notes: I would advise to the beginners to take larger crochet hook, that allows you to easily see your stitches and for quick crocheting. Light colors are also allowing you to see your stitches clearly. Don’t take too bulky yarn. You can use a single color for DIY crochet snail or as many colors as you want. You can make DIY crochet snail of any length.

DIY crochet snail

I hope your kid enjoyed this DIY crochet snake as much as my daughter did.

Dear mommies, and what is you kid’s favorite toy? 


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