3 Cute Photo Ideas to Document Baby Milestones

They say, “If you are going to have a baby, then 9 months you are preparing to fall in love for a lifetime.”

While those 9 months might seem like taking really long, as soon as the baby is there, it will feel like they are growing so fast. So, you might want to capture all their precious moments and to document baby milestones starting from when the baby is inside your belly and maybe ending with their kindergarten or even school years. You can create a colorful story-line of your child’s life in a dozen of different ways. One way to capture your baby milestones is using a baby photo app to create awesome photos of your child.

You can try Baby Moments which is an iOS (Android is on its way) app that helps create the story of you and your baby. With the app, you can turn your images into amazing artworks since it offers a variety of great design options like cute stickers, object typography, colorful fonts, frames, doodles etc. Whether you are on your baby bump period or it’s the little monster’s 1st month, you can easily create beautiful visual and share it with your family and friends online. Let’s check out these cute photo ideas that you can easily create with Baby Moments.

The “baby bump” photo 

While the little one is enjoying their first days and weeks of life in the warmest and the coziest place they could ever imagine, you can take photos of you both. It’s a good idea to capture them weekly or better monthly to compare how much the bump has grown. When done, make sure you use tiny elegant fonts or stickers to describe the month your baby is at. You can change the size and the color of your letters and make them go well with your hair and clothes and the overall atmosphere.

If you are using fonts to create the collage, you can customize their alignment, add or remove shadows, choose from a variety of color palettes. In addition, you can use the stickers from the “Dates” category to show how many months your little one is at the moment. Moms-to-be usually create two types of photo collages: it is either a photo where they share whether it is a boy or a girl, or it’s a photo which helps document the growth of the baby during pregnancy.

Object typography is a feature that can help create “It’s a girl” or “It’s a boy” kind of collages. You can use balloon letters, clay letters, wooden letters and even flowery letter design to do so. The same goes with documenting the week or month your baby is at. For example, if it’s the 3rd month, you can either choose the object typography feature with its awesome numbers or you can simply choose a sticker from the collection of stickers under the category named “Months.”

pregnancy progression

The “newborn” photo

Bringing a new baby home is one of the most special moments a family will experience. So it makes sense that many new parents try to create beautiful photos and collages of their baby and to share them with their loved ones. Also, it’s a good way of keeping a record for years to come. Because often parents take a bunch of photos of their baby and later on they cannot simply remember at what month the baby was, where the photo was taken, how much the baby weighed at that period and many other details.

To avoid this, you can create photos for baby milestones and include the needed information in a very creative way. Every time you want to share your baby’s delightful moments with your friends, you can use Baby Moments to create cute baby milestone collages. After all, we all know that while newborn photos are adorable, adding them into pretty photo collages can instantly take them to the next level. Baby Moments makes it easy to use beautifully designed stickers, frames, and fonts to mark your baby’s sweetest moments.

Following are the steps  to get you a cute photo:

1. Choose a baby photo from your gallery
2. Go to “Newborn” and choose stickers from “Height and weight” and “Visit me”
3. Get back to the baby photo and adjust the sizes of your stickers
4. Place the stickers wherever you want them to appear on the collage
5. Add text and numbers to the stickers to mark how much the baby weighs and how tall he/she is
6. Share your artwork or just save it to your device

Easy, right? You can document your baby’s life story in a really adorable way.

baby collage

The “celebration” photo

With a little baby, you have hundreds of things to celebrate. Your whole day might feel as a celebration of love and parenthood. You might thus need to document each celebration separately. To do this, use Baby Moments “Numbers” which can take the forms of cubes, balloons, flowers, and even little bricks. Maybe your little one can utter 20 words already? Why not document it? Or maybe today they have made 5 steps without falling? That’s a thing to celebrate, indeed!

So, instead of trying to find beautiful flowers and to cut them and then to shape them like the number “2,” to show that your baby is two-months-old already, you can do the following:

1. Choose a baby photo from your gallery
2. Go to “Letters”
3. Choose “Numbers” (you can choose anything, for example, the cute design with sunflowers)
4. Get back to the baby photo and adjust the object’s size
5. Choose where to stick it
7. Save the photo to your device or share it with family and friends

Bonus ideas

Besides baby milestones, you might also want to create a cute photo collage. For this, we have a few ideas to help you boost your creativity and make even more beautiful artwork.

1. Sleeping cutie

Your night can turn into a nightmare if the baby refuses to sleep. Hence, the short moments when they really fall asleep will feel heavenly. And, of course, there comes the urge to take a photo of that sleeping beauty. A “sleeping cutie photo” this we call.
No one can guess what that cutie pie is dreaming of while sleeping. However, the little smile on their face is just precious. Make sure you do not wake them up while snapping. As soon as you capture the moment, start experimenting with some texts. Baby Moments “Daily” stickers with fun texts can fit in well.

sleeping baby and his dad

2. Baby with her name on the image

Most probably, you have looked through a whole lot of baby name books and websites to finally decide what to call him. So why not document that cherished name? To create a name photo, you just need to make a snap of your baby in whatever pose you want and add their name in nice letters. “Wooden letters,” “Balloon letters” or “Clay letters” can work just perfect.

cute baby girl Anna

3. Inside the baby’s bedroom

You have spent a lot of time deciding how you wanted your baby’s room to look like. So, make sure to capture a baby pic in their bedroom. Whether it’s all pink ballerinas or blue navy, it’s worth a shot. After you take it, you can add some text describing how it started. A brief phrase will be enough to remind you of those beautiful times when you were planning what furniture to buy or what color to pick.

siblings in their bedroom

What is object typography?

Have you ever tried to create letters or numbers with a piece of clay? I bet you did! So simply put, object typography is the case when you put objects in a way as to make them readable like letters or numbers. In Baby Moments, we have implemented the feature of object typography to create beautiful letters and numbers for you.

If you go to “Text,” you will find a variety of fonts. However, these are not fonts in their standard meaning. They are rather letters and numbers which you can use in a number of ways (some were described above). For example, if you are celebrating the baby’s birthday, you can use the balloon-like letters to write their name or how old they are. You can also use floral letters, the little cubes, bricks and even clay as text or numbers. So, go get creative and start experimenting with object typography to document your baby milestones!

baby with logo

With tons of easy-to-use features, the Baby Moments app is an awesome tool to make customized baby milestones and to share them with literally anyone. And because parents love to snap pictures of their little ones all the time, the app helps make those pictures special.

Want to capture baby milestones of your precious one? You need to take good photos and edit them like a pro. Babymoments is a real photo studio in your hand, no need to be a professional photographer to create artwork out of your daily photos. Whether it’s a baby bump photo or a photo of a toddler with a toy in his/her hand, or a photo of a special day, the app makes it easy to add joy and humor in a very creative way. Give it a try!

More #BabyMoments photo ideas are ahead. So, stay tuned. And happy snapping!

Make sure to capture your baby milestones and share your lovely edits with us by using hashtag #BabyMoments. We cannot wait to see them!

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