20+ faBoolous Halloween decoration ideas for you!

Halloween night: when the boundaries between worlds are blurred.
Halloween is one of the most entertaining holidays for both adults and children.The holiday is almost here, but you still think how to make it memorable and fun? So, we picked 20+ faBoolous Halloween decoration ideas for you!
Make these witchy, scary, magical, cute decorations to knock the socks off everyone!
Let’s start!
Some of them are cheap and so simple in making that you can recruit your kids in the process making.

  1. Harry Potter Floating Candles for Halloween.

Grab some paper tubes and transform them into these gorgeous floating candles!

floating candles

Idea: You can coat paper towel tube with glow-in-the-dark spray paint.

2. Paper Pumpkin Favors.

These paper pumpkins look very cute and you can use them on any autumn occasion.

paper pumpkin favors

3. Cheap Trash Bag Halloween Decorating.

Dramatic, super cheap, no need to go to the store!!!


4. DIY Bat Garland.

Bat flying in the trees, waiting to become true vampires, Run, people, run!!!
Though very simple in making this bats decor will give festive look to your house.

DIY bat garland

Idea: You can use different cardboard colors and different bat designs. Unleash your fantasy!

5. Bats Decoration with a free template.

bat decoration

6. Adorable Jack Skellington Halloween String Garland.


7. Yarn Pumpkins.

yarn pumpkin

8. Beautiful Beware Halloween Banner.

What I love is that the design in any other color and writing can be used for birthday, baby shower parties and other occasions and holidays!

beware banner

9. DIY bloody cups:

All you need is just:

  • Cheap glasses.
  • Red acrylic paint
  • A small tub or bucket
  • An xacto
  • A straw

bloody cups diy

10.PB Knock-off Hanging Ghosts.

Keep calm, and say Boo!

hanging ghosts

11.Halloween Welcome Sign for a Front Porch.

Yes, I know, the spiders scare the hell out of the most of you.

halloween welcome sign

12. Bleeding Halloween Candles.

These bleeding candles can become a perfect decoration of your house and All Hallows’ Eve table.

bleeding candles

13. DIY Pumpkin Candy Bowl and DIY Halloween Candy Banner.

Trick or treat? Be so sweet, give me something good to eat!


14. DIY White Pumpkin Décor with paper Flowers for Halloween.

Beautiful project! You can create different pumpkins using various colors and different scraping papers for flowers.


15. Dried Apple Shrunken Heads.

I love these funny wrinkled old lady faces!

dried apple shrunken faces

16. Deranged Halloween Centerpiece.

The look of this centerpiece gives me goosebumps.

white roses centerpiece

17. DIY Bat Branch Halloween Centerpiece.

This bat brunch centerpiece is very easy to make and, for sure, will become a worthy decoration for the holiday.

diy bat halloween-centerpiece

18. Halloween Spider Light Centerpiece.

These creepy but not too much scary centerpieces will become a great addition for the trick-or-treaters.

Halloween spider light centerpiece

19. Masking Tape Hand.

Creepy glow in the dark hand.


20. DIY Floral Skull Centerpiece.

This is one of my favorite DIY. It looks so beautiful, I can’t even call it creepy. If you think that it is too difficult for you to make, look at the following one below.

Halloween decoration ideas

21. DIY Floral Crowned and Flower Skulls for Halloween.

Aren’t they just gorgeous?!


22. Halloween Skull Wreath.

It’s close to midnight,
Something evil’s lurking from the dark,
Under the moonlight…



23. Googly Eyes Halloween Wreath.

A great idea to make Halloween wreath with ping pong balls and googly eyes.


24. DIY Halloween eyeball Boo-quet !


25. Zombie Siamese Twin Dolls.

I am going to make them! I am sure, my kids will be delightful!

zombie twin Siamese dolls

26. Creepy hands Halloween treats.

Of course, we don’t forget about Halloween treats. You can fill this fun creepy hand with any sweets or popcorn.

halloween treat creepy hand

27. Black Widow Venom Halloween Punch.

This creepy Halloween punch doesn’t disappoint you in flavor.

black widow venom punch


Fill your holiday with joy and fun! Decorate inside and out with these 20+ faBoolous Halloween decoration ideas . Make your Halloween night party spooky, though unforgettable for your kids, friends, and family! Have a faBoolous Halloween!

What Halloween decoration ideas do you like most of all? Tell us about your own interesting Halloween ideas.

faboolous halloween decor ideas

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