11 Tips for Your Stunning Pregnancy Photoshoot

In the last years, I noticed increasing popularity of professional photoshoots. People want to document their unique experience and beautiful, unforgettable moments of their lives. I support this trend with all my heart.  I really adore well-done maternity and pregnancy photoshoots – the best souvenir of an extraordinary day and months in a woman’s (and her baby bump’s) life.  There is only one question – how to carry a pregnancy photoshoot not to be too cliché or kitschy? Here are some tips to make your very own maternity photographs flattering and unique. Remember that they need to be perfect, not only for you but also for the baby. These are images both of you will be returning to in many, many years to rediscover the very beginning of your special relationship.

Go Out

Choose a perfect background for your photos. Some people might intuitively think of home as a natural environment for a pregnancy photoshoot, but the opposite might actually serve you much better. Don’t be afraid to venture outdoors. Choose your favorite landscape. I would personally advise something relaxed and calm, like a peaceful sea or river. Forest could also do. Use the soft light. You will get your best shots around the sunset or in the early morning. The low light will make you look glowing and happy.

Keep the composition simple

It’s all about you and your baby bump. This is what the photos should be about. To show all the beauty of pregnancy in the best way possible, just focus on yourself and your body. Don’t be afraid of close-ups of your stunning pregnant belly and simple portraits of your silhouette. Try to keep your head a little down, looking at the baby. Remember that the angle has to be as natural as possible, to show the intimacy, feelings, and emotion.

What should you wear?

pregnant woman in red dress

Ok, that will be a short one. Anything that makes you feel beautiful, natural, and comfortable. There is only one rule that can’t be violated – never ever hide your bump!

Close-ups are the key of a flattering pregnancy photoshoot

I’ve already mentioned close-ups in the previous photograph, but they are so important they simply deserve their own headline. If there is that one composition that guarantees a perfect pregnant bump portrait it’s a close up with hands on it. You might try to put your palms over it differently. Try an embrace, a heart shape, or anything else that comes to your mind to express intimacy.

pregnant woman heart shape

Lie down

You can get some interesting composition if you lie down for part of your photoshoot and get photographed from the up, which will show your impressive, beautiful belly in another perspective. This will probably work best in the garden or anywhere outdoors. Just choose a place where you feel comfortable.

Invite other family members for your pregnancy photos

While pregnancy is an unprecedented event in a woman’s life, it’s quite a revolution for all the other family members as well. Invite your partner for the photoshoot. Involve older siblings (if the baby has them, of course). Even a family pet should be included if you keep one! Show how much you love each other, and how you are embracing the thought of a new family member coming to the world very, very soon.

Intimate moment with your partner

Happy family pictures are one thing. But don’t forget to keep it romantic, too. Get some shots of an intimate moment of you and your partner admiring the baby bump and each other. Don’t be afraid to cuddle, and get close. It will be a beautiful memory for all the three of you in the future.

Use some baby artifacts in your pictures

pregnancy photoshoot

I bet you already went on a shopping spree (or five) to get your baby some essentials to make her/his life comfy after s/he comes to the world. Use some of them to make your pictures more personalized and unique. Just pick one or two, not to make it too crowded. Emotions should go before things, but if a certain object is well chosen, it will add your pregnancy photoshoot a special touch. It can be a toy, a pair of little baby shoes, or something else you consider essential.

Play the gender reveal game…

If you by any chance arranged your pregnancy photoshoot before telling family and friends what your baby’s gender is, you can always combine the two, and play the gender reveal game while shooting. Just think of creative ways to tell the world who are you expecting! You might use colors, toys, or anything you think of as gender specific. Everything’s on you here! Let your creativity thrive!

woman with daisy

…or a name game

You can also combine pregnancy photoshoot with a name reveal. Again, everything here depends on your creative ideas and mood. You can write the name on your belly or make a transparent and hold it. You can do anything you want to celebrate your baby.

The countdown

No one says you should only have one pregnancy photoshoot. There is no rule like that. You can also get some images every month. One of the fun ways to do it is to have a countdown. You can write the numbers on anything – a piece of paper, a chalkboard, a t-shirt or even on the belly itself. It will beautifully document the growth of the baby bump, and the ways your baby is changing during pregnancy. It will let you capture both the baby development and your own subtle, glowing beauty.

We believe this checklist will help you get truly flattering pregnancy images that will be a great memory for you and your family.

Does anyone have other creative ideas? If yes, please share them with us in comments!

stunning pregnancy photoshoot

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