10 Unbelievable Benefits Of Using Coconut Oil For Your Baby

Do you wonder why there is so much buzz about organic coconut oil recently? Well, coconut oil is considered as a superfood and all-natural healer, not to mention that you can use coconut oil for your baby as well. Coconut oil can be a great alternative to many baby products such as baby oil, nappy rash cream etc. Such a relief that you will not need to worry about chemicals in your store-bought baby products when replacing them with a natural and chemical-free alternative – coconut oil for your baby. Just make sure the coconut oil you buy is an organic, unrefined and extra virgin.

How can you use coconut oil for your baby?

1. Coconut oil for baby lotion

Coconut oil for your baby will help to protect your newborn’s skin. It is famous for its moisturizing benefits, vitamins and fatty acids. Coconut oil is a purely natural product and does not contain any harsh chemicals. Therefore, you can use it as a baby oil instead of other alternatives containing mineral oils.

2. Coconut oil for baby’s cradle cap

Coconut oil can work wonders when it comes to cradle cap. Cradle cap is greasy sometimes yellow patches that appear on the scalp of babies that may look like dandruff.  Although cradle cap usually clears up within few months, by using coconut oil you may reduce the appearance of it. Just apply some organic extra virgin coconut oil on affected areas and leave it for a while. Using a baby hair brush with soft bristles brush off the flakes very gentle. Once you’ve done this, you can wash your little one’s hair either with water or with a gentle detergent like liquid castile soap.

3. Coconut oil for diaper rash

Many young mothers are so busy nowadays that they prefer buying baby products such as diaper rash cream over the counter instead of making their own DIY nappy rash remedies.  If you are in a hurry or just one of those super-busy moms, you can always use coconut oil for your baby as a diaper rash treatment. Since coconut oil is considered to be an all-natural healer with antimicrobial properties, it makes it a great nappy rash remedy. Coconut oil will protect your baby’s bum and prevent any further irritation due to its antibacterial properties.

4. Coconut oil for baby eczema

Coconut oil is full of natural benefits that can help to relieve and cure eczema symptoms.Some of these properties are anti-fungal, antioxidant and antibacterial elements. All these properties make coconut oil all-natural healer and help to soothe irritated eczema baby skin. Rub some coconut oil on your baby’s affected area, also use some coconut oil in your baby bath.

5. Coconut oil for baby acne

Just like breast milk, coconut oil contains lauric acid- an anti-microbial saturated fatty acid, which helps to treat cold and flu as well as some serious infections. This incredible anti-microbial property makes coconut oil an excellent fighter against baby acne. While using coconut oil for your baby rub some amount between your palms and gently apply over your little angel’s acne.

6. Coconut oil for baby massage oil

Coconut oil for your baby is an amazing option for baby massage since it is an all-natural and toxic-free product. You have probably read that giving a massage for your baby is essential since it activates their parasympathetic nervous system and calms your baby down before sleep.

baby moments coconut oil for your baby

7. Coconut oil for baby’s thrush (candida)

Thrush or Candida is a type of infection that affects babies within two months after birth and might appear on your nipples, baby’s mouth, and diaper area. Having powerful antimicrobial and anti-virus properties, coconut oil can be the right natural remedy for your baby’s thrush. If you are still breastfeeding, it would be a great idea to take one spoon of coconut oil every day thus transferring its benefits through your milk. For direct use, grab some coconut oil, rub it between your palms. Once melted and warmed up, apply coconut oil on your nipples before breastfeeding. As your little angel begin to breastfeed, the coconut oil will go into your baby’s mouth thus relieving the thrush symptoms.

8. Coconut oil to remove meconium

Meconium is the result of your baby’s first bowel movement. It looks like a tar and sometimes really hard to remove out of your baby’s skin. Coconut oil works wonders and will help you to do the trick and remove it effortlessly.

9. Coconut oil for baby’s dry lips

Dry and chapped lips may be very disturbing and stressful for your baby especially when breastfeeding. To help relieve this condition, take a clean Q-tip or your little finger dipped in a little amount of coconut oil and gently tap on your baby’s lips and the area around.

10. Coconut oil for insect bites

Babies are more sensitive to insect bites than adults and their skin can react differently by turning red or swelling, not to mention that the bite can turn into an infection. This is when coconut oil comes to rescue the situation. As mentioned above, coconut oil is full of antifungal, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties mostly due to the high amount of lauric acid. By using coconut oil on affected areas, it will reduce the swelling and bring down the risk of infection. Rub some coconut oil between your clean palms and apply gently on your baby’s skin whenever the bite is visible. You’ll notice the improvement very soon.

Caution: While coconut oil is considered as a non-allergic natural product, you never know how your baby’s sensitive skin will react. This is why always seek medical advice if you notice any symptoms of allergy such as sneezing, shortness of breath or coughing.

Do you use coconut oil in your baby care routine? What are other uses of coconut oil for babies you can recommend?



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